Amani Alhajeri is a self-taught Bahraini Artist. Art has interested her since an early age and soon her talent was recognized by her family and school teachers.


She was blessed with encouraging parents who had the greatest influence in nurturing her talent. Amani won several art prizes since childhood. She is primarily an oil media artist; she also paints with watercolors, acrylic, and mixed media. Amani believes that it is crucial for an artist to be acquainted with the basics of art and know how to exploit them in generating unique pieces that stands out from the crowd. Therefore, she’s continuously learning new techniques and styles.
Being a high achiever in school particularly in science and art. Amani chose to peruse a career in medicine and continued her passion in painting throughout the years. Winning local and international prizes, exhibiting in galleries and taking part in philanthropic activities had only partially fulfilled her ambition into becoming a well-recognized Arab artist with a mission in mind.


Amani Al Hajeri had graduated from Arabian Gulf University with a bachelor and MD degrees with honors. She also has post graduate degrees in medical specialties namely “Human Genetics, Family and community Medicine” from the University of Glasgow-Scotland/UK and from the Royal College of surgeon in Ireland respectively.


Amani is a member in Bahrain Art Society and is actively involved in art activities. She also runs specialized art workshops.
She is currently working as a Consultant Clinical Geneticist heading the Genetic Department in Salmanyia medical Complex, a part time Consultant Family Physician and a Clinical Assistant Professor at Princess Al Jawhara Center for Molecular Medicine.
Being passionate of science and art made her very meticulous about producing high quality unique paintings that are enjoyed and appreciated by many fans and art collectors worldwide.